Introducing Expert Engine


Find Technical Experts. 

An experienced technical expert finds prior art, develops non-infringement strategies, and crafts claim construction positions.  All to often, however, firms do not engage experts early in the litigation because they are hard to find and expensive.  Today, we are launching Expert Engine to change this dynamic.  Firms can now enter any patent number and - instantly - see a list of relevant technical expert witnesses along with their contact information.  Firms can then negotiate directly with the expert witness, which often significantly reduces the client's costs.

Subscribing firms can access this feature via the Firm Portal and other others can view a sample report.


Introducing Patent Engine Marketplace


Find the Best Patent Attorney.

Our goal is to help companies connect with relevant patent attorneys.  For the past few months, we built tools to help law firm prepare a better pitch.  Today, we are launching our first tool to help companies find the best patent attorney.  In the unfortunate situation of being sued for patent infringement, select your case (see recent cases) and preview the law firms that have experience with the technology, in the district, before the judge, and against the plaintiff's counsel.  

Hire the Best Patent Attorney. 

When you are ready to compare firms in detail, simply contact us and we will prepare your full report for free.  This full report helps you compare experience, case strategy, reputation, and budgets head-to-head.  Use this information to negotiate the best price and hire the best firm.

In the meantime, view a sample report.



Introducing Pitch Engine


Create a Better Pitch.

We help law firms get hired when their experience sets them apart from the crowd.  Today, we are significantly expanding the analytics available to law firms so they can create a better pitch.  This feature, called Pitch Engine, includes all of the necessary building blocks to quickly create a compelling pitch. 

Actionable Analytics Add Value. 

Don't just tell a potential client that your firm is wonderful, show them how your experience means your firm is uniquely positioned to help them.  Pitch Engine gives you the data you need: 

  • Firm's rank compared to other firms;
  • Firm's experience (by cases or by attorneys);
  • Analytics about the recently fieled case, judge, and plaintiff;
  • Sample pitch text that can be modified; and 
  • Checklist of substantive issues that should be considered. 

This feature is available to our subscribers: sign up today at Patent Engine.


New: Business Generation Report Includes Patent Ranking



Today we deployed an update to the Business Generation Report, our daily docketing email.  It now includes your firm's technical experience and rank compared to other firms with the technology related to the patents-in-suit.  


Our advisers have been asking for speed, and this update brings us one step closer to providing the data you need as soon as possible.  You can now go directly from the Business Generation Report email to the website and get a complete pitch template. In short, the second you receive the email, you can get the pitch template for any case.  


A firm's technical relevancy is often a driving factor in determining whether they get hired for the case.  These results help you find technically relevant cases and prepare a better pitch so you get hired more often and grow your practice.  

This feature is available to our subscribers: sign up today at Patent Engine.


New: Experience Engine search by patent


Real-time Relevancy

The inspiration for Patent Engine came from the ability to turn a patent number into useful information.  Additionally, using a patent number to find relevant attorneys has been the most popular feature request.  Today, we launched this feature.  Simply enter a patent number and learn who at your firm has the most technical relevancy.  

This feature is in the Experience Engine

New feature: Experience Engine


Experience Matters

Law firms exist to help companies and individuals solve problems.  The best solution is a sharp attorney with relevant experience.  Many law firms (and especially the sophisticated patent law firms in our network) have talented attorneys.  However, for years law firms have struggled to develop a system to find the most experienced lawyer at the right time.  Spreadsheets quickly get outdated.  Sending an email to the entire firm gets annoying.  Asking attorneys to spend non-billable time to update a central database is a non-starter.

Experience Engine

At the request of our advisers, we dove in and built a simple, elegant solution.  Select an experience category - district, judge, or plaintiff counsel - and the criteria, and you will instantly see the attorneys at your firm with the the most experience in that category.

Explore the Experience Engine now.

Introducing Patent Engine


Knowledge is powerful . . . if you have it and know how to use it.

Patent Engine is a collaboration between patent litigators and data scientists to help the patent industry unlock useful data and make better decisions.  The data is scattered everywhere:  Pacer, USPTO, law firm websites, expert witness CVs, etc.  It needs to be gathered and transformed into actionable information.

This is our mission. 

The journey started in early 2013 with a problem:  how do you find the relevancy between any two patents?

It is a very complex problem.  What does it mean to be relevant, how relevant is relevant enough, who decides what counts as relevant, how do you compare results to determine accuracy?  Solving this problem requires a very, very long trip down the road of big data, algorithms, subjective judgment calls, and statistics. 

But if this problem can be solved, the applications are varied and extremely powerful.  Companies can find technically relevant patent litigators and prosecutors, law firms can find relevant expert witnesses and prior art, and academics can explore trends in patent litigation by technology area. 

We rolled up our sleeves, put on our thinking caps, and began doing what we do best:  solving problems. 

By late 2014, an algorithm had been developed, tested, and built using sample data.  With the hint of success in the air, in early 2015, the team was expanded, full data was acquired, and features were built around this core idea.  

In March 2015, the first feature was publically launched:  a daily docket monitoring email with analytics about how technically relevant each attorney was to each recently filed patent case.   

In May 2015, the website was launched to provide even more actionable analytics to patent litigators and companies.  

In June 2015, the pitch template was launched to our early advisers.  This feature combined our actionable analytics with an appropriate structure so patent litigators could effectively convey their unique experience to potential clients.  This helps patent litigators get hired more often and allows them to focus on cases where they have a natural competitive advantage. 

In August 2015, the analytics were expanded to include a firm's rank in the district, before the judge, and against the plaintiff's counsel.

With feedback from patent litigators and advisers, we will continue to find more data and provide it to the industry as actionable information.